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I hope you are all safe and blessed. I would love to share my vision of The Enviro Project with you, the way I see it.


Image by Jason Leung

Recipe For Making A Dish called

The Enviro Project

Take One Heaping Spoonful of Compassion

Add in 2 Full Cups Of Sharing and Caring

Sprinkle in a Dab of Human Vulnerability

Pinch in A Generous Amount of Love

With a Smidgen of Kindness

Add in a Liberal Amount of Human Ethnicity Combined with Endearing Spice of Animal Interaction

Mix it All Together Thoroughly with an Abundant Amount of Spirituality, Self Sustainability, Music, Education, Art and Culture until all the Individual Lumps are Out. This is a Sign that the Ingredients have Married Together.

Measure in 7 Grams of Science, Technology, Research and Manufacturing

Gently Whip in All Generous Amounts of Humanity

Fold Them All in Together until Smooth and Light

Coat the Inside of the Baking Dish with an Elite Special Forces Disaster Prevention Team to Insure No Sticking and to Protect the Dish from Burning

Pour Gently into a Community of Like Minded Human Beings

And Top it off with a Sprinkle of Thankfulness

Bake in the Oven with the Temperature Set at Tranquility and a Joy For Life

Until the Ingredients All Rise Up Together

When done, allow time to Cool before serving a Generous Portion to All



Can be Eaten Hot or Cold Depending on the Weather

This A Delicious Dish For All Seasons of the Year

According to How You're Feeling

Please Remember this Dish is Intended to be Shared and Passed Down To and From One Generation to Another

Hopefully This Dish will Only Get Better with Every New Generation!

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