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Sustainable Energy

Using Alternative Energy

Enviro Integrated Technologies R&D Centers

As energy efficiency and clean energy technologies become more common, system challenges are forcing us to rethink traditional paradigms of energy system planning and operation. Our Enviro Technologies Research & Development Centers are the right tools for this challenge.

Our R&D Centers are as follows:

  • Medical Science

  • Bio Fuels

  • Alternative Energy

  • Growing Lab

The Enviro centers would receive their power from integrating a variety of alternative energy systems such as nano, rectenna, kinetic, magnet, solar and wind . These technologies would be harmoniously combined into one system to optimize output. 

The Enviro Integrated Technologies R&D Centers are available to universities to accelerate energy system research, development, and demonstration.

As for the dwellings on the property, a significant amount of time and thought has gone into our approach to building the Enviro home. We've done the 'green thinking' for you.  Our approach involves not only tackling sustainability issues, it encourages building a community as well. For this reason all of our homes have front decks to promote neighborhood interaction.  Enviro Homes provide a real point of difference with our design philosophy, excellent cross ventilation, high raked ceilings, great use of indoor and outdoor space and innovative architectural designs.


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