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Glass Window

Water Park & Holistic Huts


Our Captivating Enviro Hub will be a V-shaped design glass personnel will check in visitors and monitor the Enviro grounds.

Facilities will be secure and gated, we will have security personnel to check ID's and visitors passes.  Metal detectors at every check point,video surveillance, scanners and more. Our properties will all be wheelchair accessible with plenty of handicapped parking. 

Note: Gasoline-run vehicles will be prohibited from entering Enviro property unless it's an emergency situation.

As you wonder around Enviro and it's colored pathways that seamlessly travel throughout the property, they will lead you to:

  • Aromatic Floral Filled Courtyards

  • Non-denominational Meditation and Worship Center

  • Holistic Hut

  • Bike Paths

  • Water Park

  • Playground

  • Creative Arts Center

  • Full Service Day Care

  • Recreational Center to include but not limited to a variety of table sports, video gaming, arts & crafts rooms, music rooms and arcade games for relaxation. 

  • and a circle of statues of well-known and admired individuals in history.

art intro
Art Class
City Playground
Aerial Playground
Tai Chi Training
Dabbing in Water

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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